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Crystal Healing

Melissa has worked with and studied crystals and gemstone properties for many years, and may utilize them as a tool to aid in your individual healing process. Crystals work with the properties and components found within our bodies.

An example would be Calcite, which works with the calcium found in our bones, the connective tissues and tendons. Crystals are used in healing as a component of color healing, as well. An example would be blue for cooling or soothing, and red or orange to increase energy or heat.

Amethyst Cluster

Crystal Healing therapy encompasses the techniques of crystal energy balancing (the auric field, neurological balancing, and circulatory system), crystal color healing process, and a 4-color healing process. It is done as a separate healing technique from the other hands-on healing modalities because of the crystalline energies. Like all healing sessions performed at the Dansville, NY location, crystal healings are conducted in a professional manner, utilizing a padded bench for seated techniques, and a comfortably padded massage table for full body treatments. All that is necessary is for you to come for your session in comfortable clothing.