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Spiritual Energy Healing

Reiki and Spiritual Energy Healing is a fundamental part of Lightworker Healing Services. Our individual journey in search of personal health, balance, and wellness continues to change as our life circumstances change. Hands-on spiritual healing provided by Melissa includes several techniques which she has learned over years of study as a Spiritual Healer.

Spiritual healing has been practiced for thousands of years by many cultures around the world, and is mentioned in the Bible and recognized by other religions. It is complementary to treatments provided by physicians and surgeons, and does not interfere with or replace the need for such treatment. It is used in cooperation with them at all times, and is non-invasive. It addresses not only the physical body’s dis-ease and dis-harmony but also the spirit and mind to allow healing to occur at all levels.

As a medical intuitive, certified Reiki Master and Spiritual Healer, Melissa utilizes her years of training and practice, along with her ministerial skills, to assist you in your areas of need. Healing modalities may include sound therapy, Reiki, Restructuring*, Crystal Healing, and/or other techniques.

All healing sessions performed at the Dansville, NY and Wellsville, NY locations are conducted in a professional manner, utilizing a padded bench for seated techniques, and a comfortably padded massage table for full body treatments. All that is necessary is for you to come for your session in comfortable clothing. You may be asked to remove your shoes and eyeglasses during treatments.


“The main reason for healing is love”   – Paracelsus

*Restructuring is a process used to clear old patterns of belief which may be the cause of one’s current fears, behavior, or attitude that the individual wants to change. By becoming aware of the root cause, the patterns of past trauma and life events can be explored and healing can begin.